Clinical Team


  • Helen MacMillan
  • Caroline Lewis
  • Deborah Cooper

The Practice Nurses provide services such as minor dressings, removal of stitches, immunisations and injections. They run the cervical screening programme. They have a central role in our health education and promotion programme. They also undertake regular checks on patients with chronic diseases, especially diabetes and asthma. There is a nurse available most mornings, not necessarily at both surgeries. There is also a nurse run clinic one afternoon per week in each surgery and also an occasional evening clinic.

Healthcare Assistants

The four Healthcare Assistants (HCOs) are responsible for taking blood samples, blood pressure readings, ear irrigation, ECG readings and spirometry.  They also undertake the initial NHS Health Promotion Checks. Their clinics run from 08:30 to 12:00 each weekday morning. There is also one afternoon clinic every week at both surgeries specially for spirometry, ECG and ear irrigation.

  • Caroline Hood
  • Sue Jeffries
  • Olivia Lloyd
  • Maria Hoare