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PPG Involving Young People

Involving Young People

One of the aims of the PPG is to involve younger people to establish their views, needs, wants etc. We have not been successful in getting any young people to join our Group so we decided to consult them in their own environment.

To that end Dr Rachel Bray (a doctor from another area) undertook a consultation with school pupils ranging from 5 to 11 years at Chalgrove school. The exercise was regarded by all involved to have been a success.

The report has been reviewed and checked by PPG members Lynn Baker and Neil Topping who facilitated the consultation with Rachel.

Julie Quarrell (Chalgrove Head Teacher) expressed her appreciation of the opportunity for the children to feed into the Practice’s information gathering. Both she and the children who are members of the School Council and took part in the research would like to be kept informed as to how the information generated is used and of any changes that result from it.

Practice Manager Carole Montague will provide feedback to Julie Quarrell.

Carole has discussed the report with the GPs who fully supported this innovative project and were very grateful for the time and effort spent by Julie, Lynn & Neil.

The PPG has also discussed the report and will implement actions as necessary. The PPG is also considering the possibility of extending the project to older children at Icknield school in Watlington.

To download the report click on Report