Research Projects

We are proud to announce that for the last 2 years we have been part of the National Institute for Health research (NIHR) network (Thames Valley and South Midlands branch).  In the last year we have also become a member practice of the Royal College of General Practitioner research and Surveillance Centre.

This means that we are a research active Practice and are acting as a recruitment centre for numerous clinical trials as well as acting as a Sentinel Practice for monitoring flu activities.

Being our patients, you will receive invitation letters from time to time to take part in clinical trials.  You are under no obligation to take part and not doing so does not jeopardise or alter your care in any way.

There has been some confusion about whether you are in a trial or not.  Receiving an invitation letter does not mean enrolment.  You are not in a trial until you have been examined and consented to take part.  If you are not interested in taking part please feel free to dispose of the letter.  You do not have to let us know. Unfortunately at the moment there is no automatic coding we can use to exclude you from the searches that we run for trials.  We do check the lists and make sure that unsuitable patients are not contacted wherever possible.

Ultimately clinical trials are one of the best ways of improving our knowledge and we are proud to be part of that ongoing effort to improve healthcare for all.

Ongoing Trials

ATTACKA study to look at whether patient with kidney impairment may benefit from taking Aspirin
DECIDEA study looking at second line medication for diabetic patient
EXPECTA data gathering exercise to look at patients with recurrent water infection and the risk factors for developing sepsis
Flu swabAs a sentinel practice for monitoring winter flu activity, we are taking nose throat swab from patients with flu like symptoms this winter
SynexusA dedicated clinical research centre in Reading is running 3 trials

Migraine study – new drug Lasmiditan

PRMINENT  – Pemafibrate for diabetic patient with high cholesterol

NASA – new drug for patients with fatty liver