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Call 111

On Monday to Friday (18:30 to 08:00) and all day at weekends and Bank Holidays, please phone 111 to contact the emergency, Out-of-Hours, service.

This number will connect you to the South Oxfordshire Out-of-Hours Service. Your call will be taken by trained staff who will establish whether you need to come in to the centre in Abingdon Hospital to be seen by a doctor or nurse. During the evening, and at some times at weekends, there will be satellite centres in Abingdon Community Hospital and Townlands Hospital, Henley to which you may be directed.

If you need a home visit, you will be visited by a trained clinician, who may not be a doctor. They will deal with your requirements appropriately.

For more information about the provision of Out-of-Hours services, contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service on 01235 205565 or 0800 052 3225.

Out-of-Hours services are generally busy so please think carefully before asking to see a doctor and only do so if you genuinely cannot wait until the surgery re-opens.

In a genuine emergency you should call 999. Chest pains and/or shortness of breath constitute an emergency.  

Visit a pharmacy for healthcare advice without an appointment

Your local pharmacist is able to help with minor cuts, sprains, aches and pains, colds and flu, headaches, rashes, cystitis and other common conditions.

No appointment is necessary and your local pharmacist is open late, is available at weekends and many public holidays.

Find your local pharmacy

We have a variety of helpful Self Care information and links which could help you to treat your illness without the need for an appointment:

Some patients, often those with complex and long-standing medical problems, may need an appointment with a doctor.

Book an appointment online

Call the surgery

Watlington01491 612444
Chalgrove01865 890760

In general, it helps if appointments can be booked well in advance to aid organisation. Patients requiring appointments which are not urgent for today should telephone after 10:00. Please tell the Receptionist if you think you need a long appointment as more time can be allocated to you.

Want advice from your doctor, self-help information or have an administration request? Do it online.

Know who to turn to for your healthcare

We want to help you get the right medical assistance when you’re ill, injured or have a long term condition. Going directly to the person with the appropriate skills is important. This can help you to a speedier recovery and makes sure all NHS services are run efficiently.

Health Review Forms

Have you been asked to complete a health review form by one of our doctors or health professionals? Please select and complete the relevant form below.